FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions)

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We provide support for computers, smartphones, tablets, audio visual equipment (such as TVs and video recorders), telephones, gadgets and all home technology. We also provide whole house media systems design and installation.

We provide a range of services including advice, design, installation, training and support.

Less than an Aga service! Please ask for our charges sheet.

We charge by the actual time spent doing the job. For on-site visits there is no call out charge or minimum charge.

Office based support and telephone and email support have a minimum charge of 6 minutes.

No it is time based. Customers often underestimate the problem as well as asking for more than was originally discussed. Equally some problems can be fixed much quicker than expected.



For some jobs you may wish to deliver the system to us to work on in our offices. This service can reduce the cost where there are lengthy periods waiting for software to install. During the waiting time we do not make a charge. We only charge the time spent actually doing something on your system.


No - Once you have agreed to our charges, all time spent on your job is charged whether in your home, our office, on the phone or via email.

For on-site work payment is due at the end of the visit. For office work payment is due on collection. For telephone and email work payment is due when an invoice is raised.

Monday - Thursday 9:00 am to 6:00 pm. Friday 9:00 am to 1:00 pm. However, by special arrangement, we can provide our services outside of these times if you wish. There are no extra charges for out of hours working.

No. You only pay for the time spent on your job..

No, not in the Cotswolds. We do not charge travel costs or travel time when your location is within the Cotswolds. Travel costs and travel time outside this area are by agreement.

Yes - Don't panic - we do! We have a good success rate at data recovery. If you think you have lost data don't do anything on your computer until you have spoken to us. The more you use your computer after you have lost data the less chance there is of recovering it.


Yes. We always try and get the maximum life out of your existing equipment rather than throwing it away. We can advise you what makes economic sense for your system.

No - we specify what you need and advise you where to get the best deal. That way we have no loyalty to any particular manufacturer or supplier and you can get the very best prices, usually via the internet. If however, you wish us to make this purchase for you then we just charge on the time it takes us to make that purchase. We do not add any margin to the purchase price.



Yes - we provide general PC training and some specialist training as well. General training is charged at our normal hourly rate. Specialist training is charged on an individual basis.

We provide a very different service. Our services are not restricted to computers, but covers all types of home technology. We particularly specialize in getting different products to work together. Our service is more personal and, as we do not sell anything apart from our time, we are completely unbiased about choosing the best technology for you. Also we don't use agents.

Yes. We have a lot of experience in helping customers with the aftermath of scams.

Yes. For some jobs we can access your computer remotely to make the required changes.